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Assalamualaikum warhmatullahi wabarakatuh

AEA is an organization in which its members are the representative of English in and out of school area. The main purpose is to spread English awareness in Alhasymiyyah Islamic Boarding School while also improving English of students who become AEA members. The activities or programs exist are to ensure its goals achieved. For example, welcoming students, parents and teachers every morning. In addition the members meet on a weekly basis to enhance their mastery of English by having discussion, group work or simply a practice. Beside that once a month, an excursion in the form of field study is held. There will be visitation to some tourism destinations in pangkalan bun and public spots like restaurants, malls, and many more. By doing this, AEA members are encouraged to practice their English in a direct and practical way. At the same time to show  others that Alhasymiyyah has its English ambassadors.